Sports Law

We are specialized in providing legal services across all the areas of sports law. We offer high-standing legal advice based on a diverse experience in the sports industry, both "internally" in sports federations and "externally" as party representatives. We have a very detailed understanding of all the relevant legal issues and also of all the political and economic aspects of the sports industry.

We advise national and international federations, associations, clubs, leagues, athletes, coaches, sponsors, media companies, broadcasters, TV rights holders, marketing agencies, match agents and intermediaries.

Specifically, our areas of expertise include:

  • Legal representation and consultancy in the context of litigation and dispute resolution, including contractual, transfer-related disputes (such as solidarity contribution or training compensation) and regulatory disputes;
  • Legal representation and consultancy in all kind of disciplinary proceedings (match incidents, transfer-related matters, enforcement procedure, doping, breaches of Statutes and any other set of regulations);
  • Legal representation and consultancy in ethics proceedings (in particular concerning preliminary investigations, formal investigations, sanctions, and also in the context of eligibility issues and integrity checks);
  • Providing advice and party-representation in governance and regulatory issues, contract negotiation, drafting of commercial agreements, assistance in the transfer of players;
  • Providing advice and party-representation in the context of third party ownership, financial fair play and admission to competitions;
  • Setting up corporate structures for sports organisations at all levels, including the drafting of sports regulations and procedural regulations;
  • Setting up family office structures for individual athletes and their families.